The UK FCA registers StatPro Ltd as Benchmark Administrator Under EU BMR

19 February 2020 - news

The FCA has completed the Registration of StatPro Ltd, part of Confluence, as a Non Critical Benchmarks Administrator under BMR Regulation.We are pleased to inform you that effective, as of 13th February 2020, The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has registered StatPro Ltd as a benchmark administrator under the European benchmark regulation (EU BMR).

The European Security and Markets Authority (“ESMA”) has included StatPro Ltd as a registered Benchmark Administrator in its public register.

ESMA Register

StatPro Ltd registration for the purposes of Article 34 of the regulation (EU 2016/1011), covers the Freedom Index family of Indices and the ECPI Index Family of indices.

A full list of Freedom indices can be found at Freedom Indices.

A full list of ECPI Indices can be found at ECPI Index Family.