ECPI Index family represents one of the widest ESG offer on the market covering main asset classes, geographies and investment themes.

Since the launch of its first index in 2001, ECPI has been pioneering the sustainability investment world. ECPI offer is designed to respond to the needs of an ever growing market for Sustainable Investments.

With more than 60 indices ranging from Global Benchmark to Thematic, Strategy and Hedged Indices in combination with a proven ability to translate into an Investable Index the most innovative themes ECPI has become a reliable index provider for many Investment managers and Pension Funds.

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Fixed Income (Corporate, Government and Agency) broad market benchmarks covering Developed and Emerging Markets available with only ESG filter or in combination with the exclusion of controversial sectors and activities.

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Global indices with ESG filter and thematic focus.

ECPI Asian Infrastructure Equity2,149.00
ECPAIFN0.10% (2.07)freccia
ECPI China Consumption Tradable Equity9,295.46
ECPACCTN-1.36% (-126.18)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Healthcare Equity6,108.67
GALPHHCN0.28% (17.04)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Technology Equity7,126.31
GALPHGTN-1.95% (-139.29)freccia
ECPI Global Longevity Winners Equity8,678.83
GALPHLWN0.38% (32.6)freccia
ECPI Global Science for Life5,597.20
GALPHSLN0.18% (10.35)freccia
ECPI Global Agriculture Liquid 2,657.32
GALPLAGN1.09% (28.85)freccia
ECPI Global Blue Gold GD Equity3,414.02
GALPHWN0.36% (12.42)freccia
ECPI Global Commodity GD2,020.18
GALPHCGN0.74% (15)freccia
ECPI Global Livestock GD3,524.10
GALPHLGN1.09% (38.48)freccia
ECPI Global Carbon Liquid2,863.76
CARBONLN0.72% (20.67)freccia
ECPI Global Climate Change Liquid4,111.00
GALPLACN0.38% (15.54)freccia
ECPI Global Eco Real Estate & Building Liquid2,514.04
GALPLREN0.24% (6.14)freccia
ECPI Global Renewable Energy Liquid3,220.24
GALPLRWN0.10% (3.33)freccia
ECPI Global Clean Energy2,730.66
GALPHCLN-0.12% (-3.15)freccia
ECPI Robotics & Artificial Intelligence6,323.40
GALPRAIN-1.22% (-77.07)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Infrastructure2,680.85
GALPHGIN0.59% (15.75)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Future Mobility 4,069.07
GALPHFMN-0.57% (-23.14)freccia
ECPI Global ESG MultiTrend1,419.73
GALPH3TN-0.29% (-4.05)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Blue Economy1,672.49
GALPHBEN0.30% (4.95)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Recovery1,516.24
GALPHRFN-0.16% (-2.47)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Agri-Business1,446.54
GALPHABN0.37% (5.34)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Healthcare Innovation1,138.64
GALPHHIN0.43% (4.91)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Gender Equality1,327.78
GALPHGEN0.41% (5.41)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Cybersecurity1,150.81
GALPHCSN-0.32% (-3.66)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Hydrogen Economy764.75
GALPHH2N1.23% (9.42)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Smart Cities1,313.29
GALPHSCN-0.22% (-2.89)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Medical Tech999.22
GALPHMTN-0.54% (-5.35)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Cybersecurity & Big Data1,586.54
GALPHCBN-0.93% (-14.71)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Sustainable Luxury1,036.93
GALPHLXN0.43% (4.43)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Silver Economy1,165.77
GALPHSEN0.40% (4.66)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Media Economy949.02
GALPHMEN-0.42% (-3.98)freccia

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