The UK FCA registers StatPro Ltd as Benchmark Administrator Under EU BMR

19 February 2020 - news, News ENG

The FCA has completed the Registration of StatPro Ltd, part of Confluence, as a Non Critical Benchmarks Administrator under BMR Regulation.
We are pleased to inform you that effective, as of 13th February 2020, The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has registered StatPro Ltd as a benchmark administrator under the European benchmark regulation (EU BMR).

The European Security and Markets Authority (“ESMA”) has included StatPro Ltd as a registered Benchmark Administrator in its public register.

ESMA Register

StatPro Ltd registration for the purposes of Article 34 of the regulation (EU 2016/1011), covers the Freedom Index family of Indices and the ECPI Index Family of indices.

A full list of Freedom indices can be found at Freedom Indices.

A full list of ECPI Indices can be found at ECPI Index Family.