ECPI database tracks the involvement of issuers in a number of controversial sectors or activities, among others:

  • Producers and/or Distributors of alcoholic products
  • Companies involved in horse betting, betting centers, gambling and casinos and gambling machine manufacturing
  • Producer of armaments and/or suppliers of Defence and Military industry
  • Producers and/or Distributors of tobacco products
  • Nuclear energy producers and suppliers of raw materials used in nuclear armament production
  • Producers of pornographic materials and/or distributors (e.g. media companies)
  • Producers of contraceptives, medicines and equipment related to abortion or birth control methods
  • Companies in the food and agriculture industries involved in the research, development and production of biotechnologies
  • Companies that test their products on animals

ECPI can customize the exclusions approach with the investor and can deliver filtered investment universe as well as controversial activities reporting as well as blacklists.