ECPI Global Livestock GD

The index selects companies best placed to benefit from the global increase in food consumption originating from animals.

Last update:

  • Ticker GALPHLGN
  • Calculation End-of-day
  • Components 36
  • Weighting Equal Weighted
  • Excluded Sectors NO
  • Rebalancing Frequency Semiannual
  • Last Value 3201.06
  • Daily Return -0.62 % (-19.85)
  • Weekly Return 0.40 %
  • YTD 1.73 %
  • 1Y -2.17 %
  • 3Y 29.58 %
  • 5Y 38.03 %
  • CAGR 13.49 %
  • Annual Volatility 0.10 %
  • Var 95% -0.16 %
  • Var 99% -0.22 %
  • Max Drawdown -23.48 %
  1w   1m   3m   6m   YTD   1y   3y   5y   Max


ECPI Global Megatrend 100 NTR3,135.87
GALPHM1N-0.45% (-14.09)freccia
ECPI Circular Economy Leaders Index NTR4,063.72
GALPHCEN-0.54% (-22.08)freccia
ECPI Digital Revolution ESG Equity Index NTR2,117.66
GALPHDRN-0.18% (-3.9)freccia
ECPI Children's Rights Leaders Index NTR3,997.50
GALPHCRN-0.59% (-23.68)freccia
ECPI Asian Infrastructure Equity NTR1,922.98
ECPAIFN-0.85% (-16.37)freccia
ECPI China Consumption Tradable Equity NTR7,504.04
ECPACCTN-1.32% (-98.8)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Healthcare Equity NTR5,097.46
GALPHHCN-0.97% (-49.33)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Technology Equity NTR5,636.45
GALPHGTN-0.28% (-15.56)freccia
ECPI Global Longevity Winners Equity NTR7,197.57
GALPHLWN-0.57% (-40.92)freccia
ECPI Global Science for Life NTR5,124.23
GALPHSLN-0.55% (-28.23)freccia
ECPI Global Agriculture Liquid NTR2,603.20
GALPLAGN-0.35% (-9.17)freccia
ECPI Global Blue Gold GD Equity NTR2,967.27
GALPHWN-0.29% (-8.53)freccia
ECPI Global Commodity GD NTR1,821.06
GALPHCGN0.19% (3.49)freccia
ECPI Global Livestock GD NTR3,201.06
GALPHLGN-0.62% (-19.84)freccia
ECPI Global Carbon Liquid NTR2,634.96
CARBONLN0.15% (3.82)freccia
ECPI Global Climate Change Liquid NTR3,415.39
GALPLACN-0.14% (-4.82)freccia
ECPI Global Eco Real Estate & Building Liquid NTR2,223.30
GALPLREN-0.07% (-1.61)freccia
ECPI Global Renewable Energy Liquid NTR2,730.48
GALPLRWN0.00% (-0.1)freccia
ECPI Global Clean Energy Index NTR2,449.23
GALPHCLN-0.20% (-4.88)freccia
ECPI Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Index NTR5,119.54
GALPRAIN-0.38% (-19.41)freccia
ECPI Global Infrastructure Index NTR2,499.78
GALPHGIN-0.04% (-0.98)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Future Mobility Index NTR3,374.92
GALPHFMN-0.33% (-10.97)freccia
ECPI Global ESG MultiTrend Index NTR1,249.25
GALPH3TN-0.16% (-2.05)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Blue Economy Index NTR1,376.36
GALPHBEN-0.56% (-7.71)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Recovery Index NTR1,301.65
GALPHRFN-0.32% (-4.14)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Agri-Business Index NTR1,338.57
GALPHABN-0.39% (-5.23)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Healthcare Innovation Index NTR1,045.36
GALPHHIN-0.70% (-7.32)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Gender Equality Index NTR1,172.62
GALPHGEN-0.12% (-1.44)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Cybersecurity Index NTR1,014.43
GALPHCSN-0.42% (-4.31)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Hydrogen Economy Index NTR730.90
GALPHH2N0.14% (0.99)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Smart Cities NTR1,137.84
GALPHSCN-0.27% (-3.05)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Medical Tech Index NTR923.24
GALPHMTN-0.72% (-6.62)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Cybersecurity & Big Data NTR1,294.06
GALPHCBN-0.18% (-2.27)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Sustainable Luxury NTR964.84
GALPHLXN-0.40% (-3.86)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Silver Economy NTR1,016.40
GALPHSEN-0.42% (-4.23)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Media Economy NTR868.08
GALPHMEN-0.34% (-2.95)freccia

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